We would like to announce a call for paper for a special issue covering:

The Impact of New Technologies:
Between Destabilization and Enabling Resilience

Die Friedens-Warte – Journal of International Peace and Organization

The Journal: Die Friedens-Warte (Journal of International Peace and Organization), founded in 1899 by Alfred Fried, is the oldest journal in the German-speaking world for questions of peacekeeping and international organization and a central forum for discussion in peace studies. In addition to the professional exchange within and between the disciplines of peace studies, the journal traditionally aims to contribute to the transfer of the expertise required for a policy of active peacebuilding into political practice. Current editors are Prof. Andreas von Arnauld, Prof. Michael Staack, Prof. Pierre Thielbörger and Dr. Charlotte Dany. Die Friedens-Warte is a refereed journal. Submitted articles are subject to a double-anonymized, external review process, which decides on their inclusion in the journal.

Description of the Special Issue: Today’s international security environment is marked by the demise of the classical arms control architecture, the return of great power politics, and eroding trust among states. New developments in military and dual use technology as well as weapon modernization programs add complexity to any effort towards peace and security. This special issue, based on the interdisciplinary conference SCIENCE PEACE SECURITY 2021, examines the impacts of new technologies. It seeks concepts on how a more resilient security environment can be achieved through scientific contributions and policy measures towards crisis resolution, risk assessments, confidence-building, and arms limitations. Nuclear, biological, chemical and space threats as well as developments in information technology such as cyber or artificial intelligence issues, and any other relevant technical fields will be examined.

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Call for Papers: Special Issue in “Die Friedens-Warte” (Journal of International Peace and Organization): The Impact of New Technologies